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American Mathematics Competition (AMC 8)

Do you enjoy a challenging Math problem? Why not take the AMC 8 challenge and compete for honors and awards? Anyone in grade 8 or under who is 14.5 years old or younger on November 15th is invited to participate. Some of the awards include:

• Certificate of distinction for perfect scores
• AMC pin to winner at UNT
• Top three winners receive gold, silver, and bronze Certificate for Outstanding Achievement
• AMC 8 Honor Roll Certificate is given to each high scoring student
• AMC 8 Merit Certificate is given to high scoring students in grade 6 or below

The competition consists of 25 multiple choice questions (available in Spanish or large print) with a time limit of 40 minutes. It will be held at UNT on November 15th from 5:30 pm to 6:10 pm. Parents and teachers are encouraged to come to an informal reception during the competition where light refreshments will be served.

Registration is required and will be available from September 26th through October 17th. To register, click here and complete the registration form. There is no registration fee.

For more information on the competition, go to

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