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Colin M. Lawson
Ph.D. Student in Mathematics
University of North Texas

General Academic Bldg., Room 478
Email: ColinLawson@my.unt.edu

"Do not allow watching food to replace making food."

-Alton Brown

I'm a fourth year Ph.D. student at the University of North Texas, advised by Dr. Anne Shepler. I use Hochschild cohomology to find deformations of skew group algebras over fields acting in positive characteristic.

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

I currently work in algebraic deformation theory where I use techniques from homological algebra. If A is an algebra, then the idea is perturb the multiplication in the algebra slightly with parameter $t$. The multiplication is the resulting algebra may or may not be associative. I also enjoy learning about the history of homological algebra, in particular, the history leading up to Hochschild cohomology (because this is what I compute most) to deformation theory. The journey from Riemann & Betti to Noether and from Eilenburg & MacLane to Hochschild, Gerstenhaber and Schack is an interesting one.

This is my favorite chain complex.

$\begin{equation}\label{relative-bar} \cdots \stackrel{\delta_3}{\longrightarrow} A\otimes A\otimes A\otimes A \stackrel{\delta_2}{\longrightarrow} A\otimes A\otimes A \stackrel{\delta_1}{\longrightarrow} A\otimes A \stackrel{\delta_0}{\longrightarrow} A\rightarrow 0 \end{equation}$

$\delta_0(a \otimes b)=ab$
$\delta_1(a \otimes b \otimes c)=ab \otimes c - a \otimes bc$
$\delta_2(a \otimes b \otimes c \otimes d)=ab \otimes c \otimes d - a \otimes bc \otimes d + a \otimes b \otimes cd$

Camping & Road Trips

I grew up in Sabinal, TX -- a very small town about an hour and a half west of San Antonio, along Hwy 90. I spent a lot of time outside in the hill country, so between semesters, I try to take either a short camping trip or a road trip. Sometimes it's nice to leave my computer at home and get away from the city lights. Here are some of my most recent trips.

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