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MyMathTest Online Placement

This placement option is for students planning to enroll in 2020 spring math classes. MyMathTest will be available from October 7, 2019 through January 17, 2020.

MyMathTest (MMT)

Pearson MyMathTest is a mathematics placement option available to students with degree programs in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Economics (BS), students who plan to take science/engineering calculus (Math 1710), and students in other degree programs, especially in the College of Business, who have been pre-placed into a math group below their math requirement. The Pearson MMT is a one-time no cost option that is taken online.

This test consists of 25 questions that assess your current proficiency of mathematical content essential for success in a UNT Math course. The questions are over topics in algebra and trigonometry.

In order to enroll you into the placement test, please email with your first and last name, your EUID and your 8-digit ID number. You will receive an email reply that states you have been enrolled and can access the test.

Note: If you are not yet TSI compliant in math, you should consult with the Learning Center before attempting MMT online placement. The Math Department's placement test cannot be used to meet this requirement.

What if I already have college credit for calculus or precalculus?

If you already have college credit for calculus or precalculus as a result of AP credit, IB, dual credit, or other transfer credit, then you do NOT need to take an online placement. However, if you do not expect to receive your AP test scores prior to your scheduled orientation, then you should still complete the MyMathTest placement exam prior to your scheduled orientation session.

Taking the Pearson MyMathTest Online Placement for Spring 2020 Registration

Here are the step-by-step instructions to take the Pearson MyMathTest online placement to determine your mathematics placement for a UNT mathematics course you plan to take in the Spring 2020 semester:

The Math Department suggests that you access the test by using either Firefox or Google Chrome.


  • Go to
  • Log in is your UNT EUID as your username. The password is: mathplacement.
  • Before you start the test, perform a browser check to make sure your browser & Adobe Flash Player has the most current version.
  • Enable cookies and pop-ups.

*If you do not know your EUID, you can look it up by logging in to

You will have one attempt to complete the online placement test. Since you have only one attempt, it is important that you allow yourself enough time to complete the MMT in one sitting.

Remember that loss of internet connection, frozen web browser issues or if the test times out prior to submitting your test, this will count as your one attempt. You will not be able to restart the test.

Placement Goal

Required Assessment Score

Placement into Math 1710: Calculus I 70 - 100%
Placement into Math 1650: Precalculus; Math 1350: Math for Elementary Education Majors I; or Math 1190: Business Calculus 10 - 69%

Scores below 10% will retain the Entry Level placement.

When will I get my placement result?

You will receive your score shortly after you submit your test. You should be able to enroll into the class you place into in one to two days.

New Freshmen and Transfers: Take the Pearson MMT BEFORE You Attend Orientation

If you are a new UNT student whose degree plan requires Math 1710: Calculus I, or a math class that is above your pre-placement level, you should take the Pearson MMT before you attend your orientation session. If you do this before your scheduled new student orientation, you will be able to get the best possible advising during your on-campus orientation and will get the best choice of available classes. There is also the option to take MMT during your orientation session. Come to GAB 443, we test between 8:30 and 3:00 Monday through Fridays.

UNT Students Demonstrate Integrity

Because UNT students are expected to behave ethically at all times, we trust you to work through the MMT online placement program with the integrity expected from UNT students. You should do all the work in the MMT yourself without making use of books or web searches during the assessment portions of the program. You should NOT use a calculator. Remember, if you try to cheat the math placement system, you may end up enrolling in a class for which you are not prepared and therefore likely to fail. Be honest and make the most of this opportunity.

Need More Information?

Email Rita Sears at with questions about Pearson MyMathTest. Be sure to include your UNT 8-digit ID number and your EUID in all communications.

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