STaRS: Revolving Sequences and the Terdragon | Department of Mathematics

STaRS: Revolving Sequences and the Terdragon

Event Information
Event Location: 
via Zoom
Event Date: 
Friday, October 30, 2020 - 3:00pm

Speaker: Tobey Mathis (UNT undergraduate: Mathematics)

Mentor: Dr. Kiko Kawamura

Title: Revolving Sequences and the Terdragon

Abstract: In 1970, Davis and Knuth introduced the concept of revolving sequences to represent Gaussian integers. Much later, in 2020, Kawamura and Allen generalized this idea to a wider class of revolving sequences that parametrize certain self-similar fractals including the Levy Dragon and Tiling Dragon, which are the unique compact solution of certain families of Iterated Function Systems.

In this talk, we build on the work of Kawamura and Allen to include a wider collection of Iterated Function Systems and introduce a new type of revolving sequence which parametrizes a different family of self-similar fractals including the Terdragon.

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