Math 1720.003 - Calculus II

Meets MWF 11am-11:50am, 206 GAB.


Midterm 1:
Sections 7.1-7.4 will be examinable for the midterm.
Review problems - (these are just a sample).
Midterm solutions
- there were two versions, this just gives solutions to one of them.
But the solutions can be modified to give solutions to the other version in a straightforward way.

Midterm 2:
Sections 7.5-8.3 (inclusive) will be examinable for the midterm.
Material covered earlier in the course is also likely to come up, due to its relation to sections 7.5-8.3. But the focus of the midterm will be on the later sections.
Formula sheet - to be provided on midterm.
Review problems - (these are just a sample).
Review problem solutions - sketch 2(a); sketch 2(b); .
Midterm Solutions

See review problems / remarks handout below for details.
Formula sheet: the same formula sheet included in midterm 2 will be included in the final (see above, under ``Midterm 2'').
Review problems on recent material and some remarks re final.
Solutions - let me know if you see any mistakes.

Notes on solving equations involving natural log.
Clarification on repeated roots.

HW1A - due Wednesday, Jan 25.
HW1B - due Friday, Jan 27.
HW2 - due Friday, Feb 3.
HW3 - due Friday, Feb 10. Solutions to problems 18* and A.
HW4 - due Friday, Feb 17.
HW5 - due Wednesday, Feb 22, 8pm.
HW6 - due Friday, Mar 2.
HW7 - due Monday, Mar 12.
HW8 - due Friday, Mar 16.
HW9 - due Friday, Mar 30.
HW10 - due Wednesday, April 4, 8pm.
HW11 - due Friday, April 13.
HW12 - due Friday, April 20.
HW13 - due Friday, April 27.
HW14 - due Wednesday, May 2.