Nam Trang

Mountain View
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of North Texas, Denton
Research Interest: Logic, Set Theory: fine structure, large cardinals, inner model theory, descriptive set theory, forcing axioms.
Office: 418B General Academic Building
Email address: Nam[dot]Trang[at]math[dot]unt[dot]edu


My brief research statement: pdf     My full research statement: pdf


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1. 1st Irvine Conference on Descriptive Inner Model Theory and Hod Mice, 2016.


Generalized Solovay Measures, the HOD Analysis, and the Core Model Induction, pdf.

Warning: these notes may contain typos and errors.

(with J.R. Steel) AD^+ reflection pdf.

A Construction of a Coherent Sequence in K(R) pdf.

A Core Model Induction in L(S,R,mu) pdf.

A Hierarchy of Measures from AD_R pdf.

0-pistol hod mice from guessing hulls pdf.

(with T. Wilson) Supercompact measures on P_{\omega_1}(P(R)) pdf.


1. Generalized Solovay Measures, Aug. 2013, Math Colloquium, Miami University.

2. Structure Theory of L(R,\mu), Oct. 2013, AMS Meeting, Louisville.

3. Universality, Self-iterability, and Definability, Apr. 2014, MAMLS, Miami University.

4. On a Class of Guessing Models, May 2014, Young Set Theory workshop, Poland

5. The Core Model Induction and Guessing Models, June 2014, AIM and UC Berkeley workshops on DIMT

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8. Uniqueness of L(R,mu), Jun 2015, BLAST, UNT, Denton, Texas

9. Squares in hod mice, Jul 2015, 3rd conference on descriptive inner model theory, Muenster, Germany

10. Large cardinals, determinacy, and forcing axioms, May 2016, ASL Annual Meeting, UConn.

11. Large cardinals, determinacy, and forcing axioms, Aug 2016, Logic Colloquium, Leeds.

12. Compactness of \omega_1, Set Theory workshop at UIC, Oct 2016.

13. Compactness of \omega_1, UCLA Logic Colloquium, Jan 2017, slides.

14. Forcing, elementary embeddings, and determinacy, JMM, San Diego, Jan 2018

15. Forcing and determinacy, Berkeley Logic Colloquium, UC Berkeley, Mar 23 2018

16. Tutorial on the Core Model Induction, Rutgers Set Theory summer schoo, June 2019

17. The consistency strength of Sealing, XVI International Set Theory Workshop, Luminy, France, Sep 23-27, 2019