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Upcoming Featured Events

The following is a partial list of some of the upcoming events happening in the Mathematics Department. For a full list of upcoming events and seminars, click here for our events and seminars page.

Diagonal Non-Computability and Immunity

Achilles Beros (Université de Nantes, France)

Regularity of Hausdorff measure function

Anna Zdunik (University of Warsaw)


Tushar Das (University of Wisconsin, La Crosse)

Four stages of classical invariant theory

Roger Howe (Yale and Texas A&M)

Kiepert Triangles and Möbius Transformations

Roger Howe (Yale and Texas A&M)

Math Newsletters

Undergraduate spotlight

Jared L. Hilliard
Jared L. Hilliard will be spending the spring semester of his senior year immersed in mathematics in the heart of Moscow.  Jared will be...

Faculty Spotlight

Anne V. Shepler
Congratulations to Anne Shepler for winning the 2014 UNT Mathematics Department Faculty Research Award. Working at the intersection of geometry and...

Graduate Spotlight

Cheng Chang
Congratulations to Cheng Chang for winning the 2014 UNT Mathematics Department Graduate Academic Excellence Award! Cheng was born in Beijing, China...

Congratulations to Zachary Gardner, winner (\$50) of the February 2015 Problem of the Month! Read more...

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