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Undergraduate Program - Advising

Questions About Prerequisites, Problems Registering, Math Placement

If you are having difficulty registering for a mathematics class or need to take the placement test, you can call the Mathematics Office at (940) 565-2155, e-mail MathAdvising@unt.edu, or Tonya.King@unt.edu, our placement coordinator.

Questions about which course to take and/or degree requirements

If you are an undergraduate math major/minor, a prospective major/minor, or are interested in one of the academic certificates offered by the mathematics department (actuarial science, mathematics of scientific computation, or statistics) and you have questions related to advising (class schedules, degree requirements, etc.), please contact one of the undergraduate advisors. Undergraduate advisors can also help non-majors decide which mathematics course to take based on their interests, major, and career goals. An undergraduate advisor is available by e-mail at: MathAdvising@unt.edu.

Summer '24 Undergraduate Advising

E-mail MathAdvising@unt.edu to schedule an advising appointment or see below to talk to a specific advisor.
Advisor E-mail Office Office Hours
Matthew Dulock matthew.dulock@unt.edu GAB 449 (office hours hold in-person, or on Zoom by request) MW: 12:00-1:00 in GAB 449 or email for an appointment
Zoom ID 863 112 3315 (Zoom by appointment only)
Undergraduate Advisor
Advises all math majors and minors; and non-majors with questions about Math 1710 and above.
Jay Liu jgliu@unt.edu

GAB 451

(Zoom ID 882 414 5071)

Email to make an appointment
Zoom ID 882 414 5071
Undergraduate Advisor
Advises all math majors and minors; and non-majors with questions about Math 1710 and above.
Huguette Tran huguette.tran@unt.edu GAB 421
(office hours are held in-person or via Zoom by request)
Drop-in or via Zoom:
MWF 8am-10am
By appointment - 11am-12pm
Zoom ID 885 3532 7307
Actuarial Program Advisor
Advises students working toward or interested in the Actuarial Science Certificate
William Cherry wcherry@unt.edu

GAB 405

(Zoom ID 207 526 8265)

By appointment only over the summer.
No in-person appiontments:
July 1 - Aug 5
Non-major advisor
Advises non-majors/non-minors needing transfer credit evaluation for courses calculus and above or international
Krista Hines krista.hines@unt.edu GAB 436
(office hours are held in-person)
T 2pm-3:30 pm
Th 2pm-3 pm
others by appointment
Assistant Chair
Advises non-majors with questions about courses below calculus

You may also be interested in the College of Science Advising page: http://www.cos.unt.edu/advising.