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Graduate Certificate for Dual Credit Teaching in Mathematics

This Graduate Certificate provides secondary teachers advanced disciplinary training in teaching dual credit math courses.

Note: This certification provides the 18 hours in graduate mathematics coursework which can be counted towards a Master of science in Mathematics with a Mathematics Education concentration. In particular, completion of the Graduate Certificate for Dual Credit Teaching in Mathematics would place graduates half-way towards completing the UNT MS in Mathematics Education concentration.

The graduate certificate program offers courses tailored to meet the needs of practicing teachers aiming to

  • deepen their subject matter knowledge in secondary school mathematics and college-level mathematics content and curricula from an advanced perspective. This perspective considers not only the many interconnections among high school mathematics topics, but also their relationship to college-level mathematics.

  • enhance their pedagogical and curricular knowledge by investigating current issues and trends in mathematics education.

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree with either an overall GPA of at least 3.0, or a GPA of at least 3.0 for college-level mathematics and statistics courses and at least 18 semester hours of college-level mathematics courses (Calculus II and above)
  • Have state certification for teaching secondary school mathematics
  • At least 2 years of secondary school teaching experience

Additional Admission Requirements

  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Current CV
  • Statement of Professional goals (~ 750 words)

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Program contact

Dr. Nirmala Naresh

Certification Requirements (18 semester credit hours)

  • Any 3 of the following courses (9 SCH)

    MATH 5110 Introduction to Analysis
    MATH 5210 Numerical Analysis
    MATH 5400 Introduction to Functions of a Complex Variable
    MATH 5460 Differential Equations
    MATH 5500 Matrix Theory
    MATH 5600 Introduction to Topology
    MATH 5700 Selected Topics in Contemporary Mathematics (e.g, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Modern Algebra)

  • Any 3 of the following courses (9 SCH)

    MATH 5710 History of Mathematics with Technology
    MATH 5720 Problem-solving for Secondary Teachers
    MATH 5730 Problem-Solving in Calculus for Teaching
    MATH 5740 Problem-Solving in Probability & Statistics for Teaching
    MATH 5750 Selected Topics in Mathematics Education (e.g., Technology for Teaching Mathematics, Research Methods in Mathematics Education)

Marketable Skills

  1. Creative and analytical thinking
  2. Creative problem-solving
  3. Mathematical writing
  4. Oral and written communication
  5. Apply Theory to Practice
  6. Pedagogical practices