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Graduate Program - Financial Assistance

Teaching Fellowships are available through the Mathematics Department. Teaching Fellows who have earned fewer than 18 hours of approved graduate credit in mathematics are paid a stipend of \$17,478 per year. Graduate students with 18 or more hours are paid \$18,254.80 per year (some graduate school restrictions apply). PhD candidates who have completed all degree requirements except the dissertation are paid \$20,194 per year. Instructional duties normally consist of some combination of teaching, grading, and tutoring in the Math Lab.

Currently, tuition is fully covered for all supported graduate students.

For the 2019 - 2020 academic year, the United HealthCare annual insurance rate for individual students is $2775.

Further information can be found at the graduate advisor's webpage.

To apply for a Teaching Fellowship:

1. Complete the online application.

2. Arrange for three letters of recommendation from recent mathematics instructors to be emailed to

Department of Mathematics Teaching Fellowship Awards are only available to students who are accepted by the Toulouse Graduate School for general graduate study at the University of North Texas.

Department policy for outside employment of supported graduate students:

1. Any outside employment is discouraged.

2. Outside employment during semester breaks is admissible, except during those times when the student is performing teaching or graduate student duties for the department.

3. Outside employment while performing teaching or graduate student duties is allowed only under the following conditions:

- The employment may not exceed 10 hours per week.

- The employment may not occur during regular business hours (M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm).

- The employment does not interfere with the student's graduate student duties.

- The student must seek prior approval from the graduate advisor.

4. Outside employment exceeding 10 hours per week while also performing teaching or graduate student duties will lead to a termination of the support from the department.

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