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Mathematics Placement

When and Where can I take the mathematics placement test on campus?

We recommend you take the UNT Canvas Math Placement Test online. You can use Chromebooks or IPads. You are required to use LockDown Browser with Webcam

To enroll into the placement test, email your EUID (your initials and 4 numbers following) and 8-digit ID number to You also have the option to take the test, on a walk-in basis, Monday-Friday between 8:30 am - 3:00 pm, in the Mathematics Undergraduate Advising and Testing Center (GAB 443), at prescheduled orientation sessions. There is no charge for the test.

Note: Students are permitted to take the placement test ONE time only within a period of one year. For new UNT students who have registered for a new student orientation session, we encourage the online option prior to your session.

What is the Placement Test?

The UNT Department of Mathematics wants students to succeed and understands that students do best when they have a suitable background for each course. The purpose of the math placement test is to determine the appropriate first math course for each undergraduate student. The Mathematics Department enforces prerequisites for mathematics courses and monitors them closely so before enrolling in one of these courses, you may need to place with the test or show proof of a prerequisite course with a C or better. Please note that you also must be compliant with the math portion of the TSI (Texas Success Iniative), which is an entry level requirement, before you take the placement test.

After a student has taken the placement test and placed into a particular course, the student must successfully complete that course, with a grade of C or better, within one year of the test date. If the student doesn't complete the course within one year of the test date, the student will need to contact Rita Sears to take a new placement test.

If you need accommodation due to a disability to fully participate in this program/event, please contact Rita Sears, Department of Mathematics, at 940-565-4045 or email at Please allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.

UNT Canvas Math Online Placement

New freshmen and undergraduate transfer students entering UNT for the first time are encouraged to take the placement test. The UNT Canvas Math Placement Test is an online exam available for new freshmen and undergraduate transfer students at no charge.

ALEKS Online Placement Option

UNT students also have the option to take the ALEKS placement exam online. See our ALEKS online placement page for details.

Which 1000 Level Math Class Is Right For Me?

Click here for a chart to help you decide which 1000 level math class is best for you. This chart is intended for students who are TSI complete. Students who are not TSI complete in math or who are unsure of their TSI status should consult with the Learning Center concerning TSI status and developmental mathematics courses.

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