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Graduate Program - Admission


Applying to the MS or PhD program in the Department of Mathematics consists of two steps: applying to the university, and sending additional materials to the department. We do not review applications until all required materials listed below are submitted.

  1. (University step) Apply for admission at the Toulouse Graduate School. You should order your official transcripts from your previous universities to be sent to the graduate school. If you take the GRE test, please arrange to have the scores sent to UNT (not to the department). The general GRE is strongly recommended but not required.

  2. (Department step) As a separate step in the application process, please email your CV, a statement of purpose, and arrange to have at least three letters of reference sent to the department at Letters of reference must be sent by the letter writer, not the applicant.

Applications to enter the program beginning in the Fall semester will be reviewed starting early the preceding Spring, so it is best to apply by January 15. However, the graduate school will accept applications until June 15. Applications to enter the program beginning in the Spring semester will be reviewed until November 15, and it is best to apply by October 15.

International applicants should visit UNT-International for additional instructions.

Admission Requirements

A well-qualified applicant will have the equivalent of an undergraduate degree with a major in mathematics from UNT. The precise requirements for a major in mathematics can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. An applicant should have earned strong grades in several proof-based upper-division mathematics courses (eg. abstract algebra, real-analysis, and topology).

Standardized Tests
The general GRE exam is strongly recommended but not required. The math subject GRE exam is recommended. The scores should be at most five years old.

International Students
There are additional requirements for international students. Links to more information specifically for international students may be found here.