Dynamical Systems Seminar: Dr. Kiko Kawamura (UNT) | Department of Mathematics

Dynamical Systems Seminar: Dr. Kiko Kawamura (UNT)

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GAB 461
Event Date: 
Friday, November 11, 2022 - 2:00pm

Title: Relationship between Okamoto's functions and Terdragons

Abstract: Okamoto's functions were introduced in 2005 as a one-parameter family of self-affine functions, which are expressed by ternary expansion of x on the interval [0,1]. By changing the parameter, one can produce interesting examples: Perkin's nowhere differentiable function, Bourbaki-Katsuura function and Cantor's Devil's staircase function. Recently, Dalaklis-Kawamura-Mathis-Paizanis studied the partial derivative of Okamoto's function with respect to the parameter. Terdragon is a famous tiling fractal constructed by infinitely many paper-folds. In this talk, I will discuss a relationship between Okamoto's functions and Terdragons. This is an on-going project. The talk is very accessible for undergraduate students and includes many computer graphics.