Tamara Kucherenko (CUNY): Ergodic theory on coded shifts | Department of Mathematics

Tamara Kucherenko (CUNY): Ergodic theory on coded shifts

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GAB 461
Event Date: 
Monday, September 18, 2023 - 4:00pm

Abstract: We discuss ergodic properties of coded shift spaces. A coded shift is defined as a closure of all bi-infinite concatenations of words from a fixed countable generating set. It turns out that many well-known classes of shifts are coded including transitive subshifts of finite type, S-gap shifts, generalized gap shifts, transitive Sofic shifts, Beta shifts, and many more. We derive sufficient conditions for the uniqueness of measures of maximal entropy based on the partition of the coded shift into its sequential set (sequences that are concatenations of generating words) and its residual set (sequences added under the closure). We will also outline some flexibility results for the entropy on the sequential and the residual set. (Joint work with M. Schmoll and C. Wolf)