Jana Watkins receives the 2022 UNT Star Performer award | Department of Mathematics
April 19, 2022

Jana Watkins receives the 2022 UNT Star Performer award

The Department of Mathematics wants to celebrate Jana Watkins for receiving 2022 UNT Star Performer Award. This honor is in acknowledgement of the exceptional contributions that staff members have made by assisting the University in meeting its strategic goals, while demonstrating its core values. Jana Watkins has been the administrative coordinator for the Mathematics Department since July 2011. In this role she has a quite long list of duties such as supervising and leading the staff, serving as assistant to the chair, managing department budgets, and etc. Last year, she also took on a significant amount of additional duties, and got up to speed on these new responsibilities in no time. Besides the quantity, the quality of all Jana's work is also quite impressive. She is very good keeping up to date with policy changes, attending trainings for new business processes, and communicating with administrative staff across campus to make sure things are running smoothly. Through the years, Jana has acquired an enormous amount of knowledge that is invaluable to the operation of the department. The department chair summarized her approach to work as "helpfulness and service through competence." In addition, Jana's leadership style has created an amazing work environment in the main office, allowing all the staff to thrive and in fact enjoy their work, ultimately benefiting the entire department and beyond.

Congratulations Jana!