PhD Dissertation Defense: "Quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras" | Department of Mathematics

PhD Dissertation Defense: "Quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras"

Event Information
Event Location: 
GAB 438
Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 2:00pm

Professor Anne Shepler invites you to attend the PhD dissertation defense of Christine Uhl TODAY at 2:00 pm in GAB 438. Cake and coffee will be served in GAB 472 following this event.

"Quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras"


Quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras extend both Lusztig's graded Hecke algebras and the symplectic reflection algebras of Etingof and Ginzburg to the quantum setting. A quantum (or skew) polynomial ring is generated by variables which commute only up to a set of quantum parameters. Certain finite groups may act by graded automorphisms on a quantum polynomial ring and quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras deform the natural semi-direct product. We classify these algebras for the infinite family of complex reflection groups acting in arbitrary dimension. We also classify quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras in arbitrary dimension for the infinite family of mystic reflection groups of Kirkman, Kuzmanovich, and Zhang, who showed they satisfy a Shephard-Todd-Chevalley theorem in the quantum setting. Using a classification of automorphisms of quantum polynomial rings in low dimension, we develop tools for studying quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras in 3 dimensions. We describe the parameter space of such algebras using special properties of the quantum determinant in low dimension; although the quantum determinant is not a homomorphism in general, it is a homomorphism on the finite linear groups acting in dimension 3.

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