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RTG People

RTG Faculty

Su Gao
Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair
RTG Director
Research Interests: foundations of mathematics, mathematical logic, descriptive set theory
(940) 565-3327
GAB 412

Steve Jackson
Regents Professor of Mathematics
RTG Coordinator for Undergraduate Scholarships and Research
Research Interests: mathematical logic, set theory, descriptive set theory
(940) 565-4705
GAB 418C

R. Daniel Mauldin
Professor Emeritus, Regents Professor of Mathematics
RTG Coordinator for Postdoc Recruitment and Mentoring
Research Interests: analysis, topology, set theory, dynamics and ergodic theory
(940) 565-3321
GAB 418

Mariusz Urbański
Professor of Mathematics
RTG Coordinator for Graduate Recruitment
Research Interests: dynamical systems, ergodic theory
(940) 565-3323
GAB 417

RTG Staff

Chris Campbell, RTG Assistant Coordinator
(940) 369-5062
GAB 435D

RTG Associated Faculty and Lecturers

The RTG associate faculty consists of faculty members who either have research projects suitable for undergraduate mathematics research, or teach graduate courses on a subject related to logic and dynamics, or have a primary research interest in logic, dynamics, or their connections. Students are encouraged to contact the faculty members to identify a suitable research project.

Charles Conley
Research Interests: group theory, representation of Lie groups and Lie algebras
(940) 565-3326
GAB 450

Lior Fishman
Research Interests: Dynamics, geometric measure theory, and Diophantine approximation, in particular, Diophantine properties of certain sets on fractals
(940) 369-8145
GAB 450

Robert Kallman
Research Interests: topological groups, applied mathematics
(940) 565-3329
GAB 315

Kiko Kawamura
Research Interests: fractal analysis - nowhere differentiable functions, singular functions with fractal properties
(940) 565-3386
GAB 433

Richard Ketchersid
Research Interests: mathematical logic, set theory

John Krueger
Research Interest: foundations of mathematics, mathematical logic, set theory
(940) 565-4046
GAB 408

Joseph Kung
Research Interests: combinatorics, discrete mathematics
(940) 565-4084
GAB 471C

Jianguo Liu
Research Interests: numerical analysis, scientific computing, applied mathematics, medical image processing, data classification
(940) 565-4703
GAB 471A

Bunyamin Sari
Research Interests: analysis, geometry
(940) 369-8827
GAB 414

Anne Shepler
Research Interests: algebra, geometry, combinatorics, representation theory
(940) 565-4943
GAB 471B

RTG Postdoctoral Scholars

Kostas Beros (2013)
Research Interests: descriptive set theory, Polish Groups
GAB 418A
(940) 369-5951

Bill Mance (2012)
Research Interests: number theory; probability theory; and ergodic theory, specifically, relating to problems involving statistical properties of the digits of series expansions of real numbers.
GAB 471E
(940) 369-7374

RTG Graduate Fellows

Christopher Caruvana (2011)
James Reid (2011)
Colin Craft (2012)
Cody Dance (2012)

RTG-Supported Graduate Researchers

Caleb Zeigler (2012)
Cory Krause (2013)
Ed Krohne (2013)

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RTG-Supported Undergraduate Researchers

Andrew Allen (2011)
Devon Henkis (2012)