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Greetings! The Math Club meets on Fridays from 1pm-2pm in GAB 473. This year's first meeting is Friday August 26, 2023. We talk about mathematics and anything we hear about during the week which might be interesting to the rest of the group. Sometimes we will talk about the William Lowell Putnam Exam which is a yearly competition every year in December for undergraduate math majors. This Fall I am teaching a 1 hour course Math 3010 - Problem Solving Seminar - in which we learn and discuss techniques to solve Putnam problems. They're tough!


We have two Math Club picnics throughout the year - one in the Fall usually in October and one in the Spring usually in April. We have been having the picnics at North Lakes Park in Denton about two miles from UNT campus. 


For the past several years some of the members of the Math Club have participated in the Calculus Bowl which takes place every year at the annual meeting of the Texas Section of the MAA. The conference is usually in late March - early April.


E-mail if you would like more information about the Math Club, or check out the Math Club bulletin board on the 4th floor of GAB.

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