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Math Minor

See the attachment at the bottom of this page for information about the mathematics minor. You can also read about the requirements for the mathematics minor in the undergraduate catalog.

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Some notes about transfer credit

Note that transfer credit may be applied toward a mathematics minor only if it is a mathematics (or statistics) course at the level of calculus or above and taught by mathematics (or statistics) faculty under a MATH (or STAT) course number.

At most one course in introductory differential equations may be applied toward a mathematics minor. Thus, if a differential equaitons course with Texas Common Course number MATH 2320 is used toward a mathematics minor, UNT's MATH 3410 may not also be applied toward a mathematics minor. If students have taken both courses, they must choose which of TCCN MATH 2320 or UNT MATH 3410 to apply toward a mathematics minor. Transfer students with prior credit in TCCN MATH 2320 and wanting an additional course in differential equations should take MATH 3420 instead of MATH 3410.

Students with questions about the applicability of transfer credit toward a mathematics minor should consult an advisor in the Department of Mathematics.

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