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Math UGMT 1300 (for Math 1180, 1580),1350, 1650 (TAMS), 1710 (TAMS), 1720 (TAMS), 1780, 2100, 2700, 2730.

Graders are provided for the courses listed above and are funded by program fees paid by the students upon registration. The purpose of this position is to provide students with feedback regarding comprehension of course material via graded homework assignments.


The UNT Department of Mathematics is pleased to provide student academic positions that assist students with their expenses. As campus awareness of these positions has increased, so has the volume of applications. Remember that there is a priority system for filling student academic positions (as listed on the application): undergraduate math majors have priority over math minors who have priority over students whose major or minor is something other than mathematics.

It is essential that you carefully read the following information. This is a lengthy transmission, but your understanding of the information is critical to a successful and quick semester start-up. Graders must be detail-oriented, and you are expected to understand the compensation formulas and to pay particular attention to correct and timely completion of your weekly timesheets.

1. Semester wage and hours per week: Funding for graders is provided through a program fee paid by students. A formula involving the number of students enrolled in the class you are grading for is used to estimate the number of hours you will work per week. Again, this is just an estimate, and not to be guaranteed each week/grading assignment. Some grading assignments will take less time and will be reflected on your timesheet.

2. International students: Remember that the total number of hours per week that you may work is 20, which includes all other jobs on campus. It is your responsibility to monitor the total number and decline any job offer that would extend your work past 20 hours a week.

3. Necessary documentation for payroll: If you are a NEW employee to UNT, you will be required to complete the on-boarding process and a background check. On-boarding is now done through the student center in Sage Hall. Original forms of identification that are accepted are: Driver's License, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card (cannot be laminated or altered in anyway), or a valid Passport. The on-boarding process MUST be complete before your I-9 appointment with the Student Employment Department.

4. Meeting for Graders: Each semester there will be a mandatory meeting the week prior to the start of classes for all graders with grading assignments that semester. Meeting dates and times will be emailed out to all graders at least 3 days before the meeting dates. Students who do not attend the pre-semester meeting will not be eligible to work that semester as a grader.

5. Grading Assignment(s): Will be emailed out when final assignments have been made each semester. It will be the graders responsibility to contact the Instructor of the assigned class to set up a meeting with them. The instructors email will be provided to you in the assignment email.

6. Evaluation of Performance: The instructor-completed evaluation is the basis of your continued employment from semester to semester.

i) A good grader is both accurate and prompt; nothing less is acceptable.

ii) Please note that failure to meet these standards (Accuracy and Promptness) is grounds for immediate termination and replacement.

7. Textbooks: Textbooks may be checked out with Kelli Chase, Textbook Coordinator, located in GAB 435B.

8. Secured Mailbox: Each grader will have a box in the secured mailroom, to which access is granted by key pad code. Your instructor may prefer that you use his/her box in the main office, GAB 435, as a drop-off (during normal business hours); that will be established in your initial meeting with your instructor.

9. Communication: We communicate with graders primarily via UNT STUDENT email, and we are required to correspond with them via their UNT email address. Graders are required to keep their electronic mailbox available to receive mail from the instructor to whom they are assigned and from the Math Office.


1. Academic Qualifications:

  • Hourly Academic Assistants must be currently enrolled as a student as a condition of employment. Academic Assistants must be in good standing and making satisfactory progress towards their degree. "Good Standing" is defined as not being on academic probation.
  • Failure to meet the enrollment requirement as set forth above will be grounds for withdrawal of a student's service appointment and termination of employment status.

2. Reappointment: Reappointment of hourly Student Academic Assistants is made in accordance with the instructional needs of the department. A student may be considered for reappointment if he/she:

  • Has provided satisfactory prior service and
  • Is in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress towards a degree, as defined in the graduate and undergraduate catalogs.

Application Process

Any positions that we currently have open and are hiring for will be on Handshake, if we have filled all positions we will close the posting. Please check handshake around October/November for spring hiring and March/April for fall hiring.

Step 1: There is an application on Handshake that you must complete prior to submitting any additional applications to the Department. Any applications turned in before applying through Handshake WILL NOT be considered.

Step 2: Submit the attached addional application & letters of reference (1 math faculty OR 2 from other resources), by email to

Step 3: Please make sure to follow all required steps as incomplete applications will not be considered.

Lastly: this position is only open to UNDERGRADURATES NOT MASTER STUDENTS

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