2011-2012 Departmental Committees | Department of Mathematics

2011-2012 Departmental Committees

2011-2012 Departmental Committees

(effective September 1, 2011 through May 13, 2012)

Associate Chair: Brand

Graduate Program

Graduate Advisor: Brozovic

Graduate Affairs Committee:

Allaart, Chair
Brozovic, Conley, Shepler, Song, Urbanski

Qualifying Exam Committees:
Real Analysis: Iaia, Kallman, Sari (chair)
Topology: Fishman, Jackson (chair), Urbanski
Complex Analysis: Anghel, Krueger (chair), Richter
Algebra: Douglass (chair), Kung, Shepler

Applied Math: Azad, Liu, J. (chair)

Probability and Statistics: Allaart, Quintanilla, Song (chair)

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Advisors: Cherry, Quintanilla

Undergraduate Affairs Committee (includes teacher education):

Iaia, Chair
Anghel, Jackson, Cherry, Quintanilla, Teel

Course Coordinators:
1100 - Brand, Huettenmueller, Teel
1180/1190- Teel
1350/1351 - Hines
1580/1581 - Dulock
1650 - Huettenmueller
1680/1681 - Liu L.
Calculus - Kawamura, Tran

CAS Computing:


Millican Colloquium Coordinator:


Department Website Coordinator:


RTG Program:

Director: Gao
Postdoc Coordinator: Jackson
Graduate Coordinator: Urbanski
Undergraduate Coordinator: Krueger
Assistant Coordinator: Giordano

Outreach Committee:

Liu, J, Chair

Brand, Cherry, Iaia, Sari, Teel

Special Appointments:

University Library Liaison: Cherry

Math Club Sponsor: Cherry

Strategic Planning Committee:

2011 - 2012: Azad
2011 - 2015: Shepler (Chair 2011-12)

2010 - 2014: Cherry

2009 - 2013: Kung

2008 - 2012: Conley

Gao (ex-officio)

Executive Committee:

[Categories A (2) and B (4)] (Article III of the Charter)

Chair: Gao

Term Category A Category B Category B
2011 - 2013 Brand Cherry Richter
2010 - 2012 Jackson Allaart Conley

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