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Graduate Degrees

The Department of Mathematics offers two graduate degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Science (M.S.). The Ph.D. degree is designed to provide the student with competence in several major areas of mathematics and to provide for intensive study and research in the area of specialization. Generally, the M.S. degree is designed for students who plan to use mathematical theory and techniques in fields outside mathematics or as a preparation for applying to a Ph.D. program.

Degree Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy
UNT requires doctoral students to complete 72 hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor's degree or 54 hours of graduate work beyond a master's degree. Doctoral students are required to pass qualifying examinations in two areas, chosen from algebra, applied mathematics, complex analysis, probability & statistics, real analysis, and topology. The departmental provisions concerning the qualifying examinations may be found in the Qualifying Examination Policy. Students must write a dissertation and take a final comprehensive oral examination, which is primarily a defense of the dissertation. More information and the precise degree requirements for a Ph.D. may be found in the UNT Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science
Students pursuing an M.S. degree take 36 hours of approved course work, including at least 15 hours from the year-long graduate sequences in algebra, analysis, and topology. Students are required to make a formal presentation of a Master's project. More information and the precise degree requirements for an M.S. may be found in the UNT Graduate Catalog.


Students must file an approved degree plan with the Graduate School after completing 18 SCH (typically the first year of enrollment). Below are the degree plan templates; please see the Graduate Advisor or Graduate Administrator with any questions.

Masters Degree Plan
Doctoral Degree Plan

Ph.D. students seeking to earn a Masters must apply for a Pass Through Masters using the form below. You must have an approved Masters degree plan on file before submitting the application for Pass Through Masters.
Application for Pass Through Masters

Masters students who would like to enter the Ph.D. program should complete the Change of Major form below.
Change of Major Form

Grad Track Degree Program

This Grad Track option is an accelerated program for undergraduate students seeking a BS/MS. Qualified students may take a maximum of 12 graduate credit hours while completing the BS. These credits will be counted towards both the BS and the MS.

The process will be as follows:

1. The student will apply for the Grad Track option during their junior year. The following criteria must be met:

(a) At least 75 credit hours must have been completed, with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

(b) Math 3510, Math 3610, and Math 4500 must have been completed prior to admission to the Grad Track program, all with a grade of A.

(c) Applicants must be projected to complete the BS degree during the academic year following the academic year in which they apply.

2. Please contact the Graduate Advisor for instructions on how to apply. Three letters of reference are required. The deadline for all application materials being submitted is June 15.

3. If the application is approved and at least 90 credit hours have been completed subject to the above constraints, the student may begin enrolling in graduate courses approved for the Grad Track. In order for the courses to be applicable to the MS degree, the minimum grade requirements for graduate program course work must be met.

4. The student will apply to Toulouse Graduate School within the first semester of the senior year. The online application and all required documents for admission to the MS program in Mathematics must be submitted.

5. The student must enroll in graduate school in the long semester after finishing the BS. In the following 4 semesters (including summer terms), the remaining 24 SCH required for the MS degree must be completed.

6. If the student does not enroll in graduate school in the long semester after finishing the BS, graduate SCH earned under this program will not count toward any future UNT MS degree.

Sample 5 year plan - Abstract Algebra focus

Sample 5 year plan - Real Analysis focus

Further Information

More information may be obtained by sending email to the Graduate Advisor at or by contacting the Department of Mathematics:

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